Amazing Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

When people hear the word ‘Himalayas’, their first thought is usually of the iconic Mount Everest rising above high, snow covered peaks. Whilst this is the prevailing image of the Himalayas, this mountain range actually stretches over 1,500 miles, through six Asian countries. Their diversity and ancient geology make them treasure troves of valuable minerals – even the kind we eat. There are loads of benefits of Himalayan salt. Here we’ve listed just a few… 


1. High Iron Content

The eye-catching pink colour is actually an indicator of one of the main benefits of Himalayan salt, as this comes from its rich iron content. The salt found in the Himalayas was formed upon crystallised beds of sea salt, now millions of years old, which were then covered by lava as the earth changed shape over the millennia. The lava acted as a protective layer, making the salt found there some of the purest on earth.


2. Low Sodium Content

When looking for table salt these days, people tend to lean towards low-sodium varieties. Himalayan salt contains far less sodium per serving than refined table salt, due to its naturally larger crystal structure. 


3. It’s 100% natural

One of the benefits of Himalayan salt is that there’s no need to add anything artificial to its already outstanding natural composition. Pink Himalayan salt is made up of 86% sodium chloride and 14% other trace minerals including sulphate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate, strontium, and fluoride. In having come together naturally, all of these minerals are in perfect balance, which ensures that the amounts of each, when added to our food, is not in excess. It also means our intestines can absorb nutrients effectively and aids healthy metabolic function.


4. It helps keep electrolytes in equilibrium

Because the minerals within the salt are so well balanced, the body can absorb them and use them effectively, without having to spend energy breaking them down or storing them. This helps the body keep its level of electrolytes in equilibrium. 


5. It can help prevent muscle cramp 

Another benefit of Himalayan salt is it helps to reduce acid reflux, prevent muscle cramping and lower blood pressure, all with a much lower risk of consuming too much sodium than if you were to eat refined table salt. 


6. It can reduce signs of ageing 

It has been reported to slow the appearance of ageing and flush the body of heavy metals 


7. Reports suggest it can even increase libido…


8. It can purify the air around you

Whilst most benefits of Himalayan salt come out in our cooking, there are other ways in which its health benefits can be explored. For instance, Himalayan salt lamps can be used for air purification.


9.  You can use it to detoxify

If you take a hot bath with these detoxifying salts, its ingredients will improve circulation, soothe aching muscles and nourish the skin. 


Whichever way you choose to investigate the benefits of Himalayan salt, you’ll soon discover its ability to revitalise body and soul, inside and out.