Cool Caprese

Himalayan Pink Salt sources from the Himalaya mountains in South Asia contain up to 84 different trace minerals. Also due it being in larger crystals and having a saltier flavor you can use less of it then you would with normal salt, thus there is less sodium per teaspoon. Whilst the actual health benefits of this pink salt compared to regular salt are debatable, we can all agree it is more pleasing to look at.

For a fun twist on your usual Caprese salad, try it infused with Himalayan pink salt.


90 grams (one bag) of baby leaf salad

220 grams vine-ripened tomatoes

1 small red onion

125 grams fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese

60 ml olive oil

60 ml balsamic vinegar of Moderna

Himalayan Pink Salt Atlantic

Black Peppercorn

fresh basil leaves

Instructions: Arrange a layer of your favourite baby leaf salad on a serving plate. Finely slice one red onion and arrange over the top of the salad. Slice vine-ripened room temperature tomatoes into 0.5-centimetre slices and arrange in a single layer across the top of the red onion. Tear a ball of fresh buffalo mozzarella into pieces and arrange over the top. Mix together equal parts good quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar of Moderna, seasoning well with Himalayan Shake to combine and drizzle over the salad. You can also use regular Himalayan Pink Salt and finely chop a clove (or two) of fresh garlic, sprinkling it over the top at this stage. Finish off with some freshly torn basil, a generous grinding of fresh black pepper and some more Himalayan Pink Salt