Giant Tuscan Seasoning Shaker - 250g.

Giant Tuscan Seasoning Shaker - 250g

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Following the Ancient trade roads through Asia and the Middle East, Silk Route Spice Company import the highest quality spices from across the globe. We have spent time sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world to deliver to your kitchen. Easy to use shaker, reusable after use. Mixture of the finest garlic, sea salt, herbs and black peppercorns. The salt in our mills is 100% natural. An easy way to add quality flavour to any dish. Our shakers are preferred by cooks in the UK.

 Why choose our Tuscan Seasoning shaker?

  • Silk Route's Tuscan Seasoning Shaker Contains The Highest Quality Garlic, Sea Salt, Gerbs and Black Pepper.
  • Salt In Our Grinders Is 100% Natural.
  • An Easy To Use Shaker That Is Recyclable After Use.
  • Use Silk Route's Shaker's To Release Intense Rich Flavours To Your Dishes.
  • Silk Route Superior Spices Are Preferred by Chefs Across The UK.