Atlantic Sea Salt Giant Grinder 380g

Atlantic Sea Salt Giant Grinder 380g

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Following the Ancient trade roads through Asia and the Middle East, The Silk Route Spice Company import only the highest quality spices from across the globe. We have spent great time and effort sourcing the finest ingredients from all around the world to deliver to your own kitchen.

Silk Route’s Sea Salt grinder is no exception. The salt in our grinders has been sourced from fantastic grade-A rock sea salt, found on the coast of Namibia. This luxurious salt is naturally formed by the cold Atlantic waters being pumped into vast salt pans, allowing it to crystallise under the warm desert sun. It is then harvested and graded, keeping aside the cleanest and chunkiest of crystals. Of course, we use only the best for our sea salt grinders. This way, we can ensure you have the highest quality sea salt grinder in your kitchen, taking centre stage on your table.

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So what makes a Silk Route Sea Salt Grinder so special?

  • It’s rich in natural minerals and sourced from Atlantic waters, just off the Namibian Coast.
  • Silk Route's sea salt grinder contains nothing less than grade-A Atlantic sea salt.
  • The salt in our sea salt grinders is 100% natural; formed by the cold waters of the Atlantic, it is then crystallised naturally under the warm desert sun.
  • Silk Route's Sea Salt Grinder is preferred by chefs across the UK. They know it’s an easy way to add high-quality salt to any dish, making it extra-delicious.
  • You can use our Silk Route Sea Salt Grinder as an upgrade or replacement for your regular Kitchen salt or Table salt.
  • The attractive design means that a Silk Route Salt Grinder makes for a wonderful feature in any kitchen.
  • It is easy to use and, being a giant grinder, will last a long time.
  • What’s more, our Sea Salt Grinders are also recyclable after use.