Himalayan Pink Salt Giant Spice Grinder - 390g

Himalayan Pink Salt Giant Spice Grinder - 390g

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Silk Route’s giant Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder is filled with beautifully salmon coloured salt. Mined from the ancient pink salt deposits below the Himalayan mountains, pink salt is world-renowned for its subtle yet stunning colour, as well as its mineral content and fantastic flavour. What’s more, our Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder is super easy to use. No longer a well-kept secret, Silk Route’s pink salt is now the salt of choice for many chefs across the UK. Our Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder is a simple way to add high-quality salt to special dishes, thus accentuating the flavours. You can use Pink Salt for everyday use in the kitchen too, to replace or upgrade your regular salt.

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Silk Route Spice Company only import spices of the uppermost quality. We follow the Ancient trade roads through Asia and the Middle East to find the finest ingredients from all over the world. Then we deliver them to your very own kitchen in our luxury giant grinders. 

What makes the Salt in our Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder so much better than regular salt? 

  • This high-quality Pink Salt is sourced from reputable salt mines in the Himalayan mountains.

  • Himalayan Salt is an unrefined, raw salt containing no additives or chemicals.

  • The Salt in our Himalayan Pink Salt Grinders remains in exactly the same pure form as when is was formed over two hundred and fifty million years ago.

  • Pink Salt is full of minerals, including potassium, iron and magnesium. These are all vital for maintaining good health and well-being.

  • In fact, Himalayan pink salt contains an almost identical set of elements to those already in our body.

  • These Giant Himalayan Pink Salt Grinders look fantastic on any table, they’re easy to use, will last a long time and are even recyclable after use.