Himalayan Rose Pink Salt Pouch 500g (Coarse)

Himalayan Rose Pink Salt Pouch 500g (Coarse)


Silk Route Spice Company follow ancient trade roads through Asia and the Middle East. We import only the uppermost quality spices from all around the world. Silk Route's Himalayan Pink Salt is beautifully rose-coloured. Mined from the ancient pink salt deposits below the Himalayan Mountains, this luxurious salt is a raw, unrefined salt that contains absolutely no additives or chemicals.Today, the fine salt in our pouches remains in the same untouched condition as when it was first formed over two hundred and fifty million years ago.

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Himalayan Pink Salt is renowned for its positive effects on health and wellbeing as it naturally contains over 80 essential minerals and trace elements, which match those already found in our bodies. Our 500g pouches are perfect if you wish to detoxify and soak away the stresses of daily life. Simply add the whole 500g pouch to a warm bath and allow the minerals to work their magic. If you’re looking to use the salt for more general well-being purposes, simply use around 250g in your tub. You can also use our Pink Salt for cooking an alternative option to standard, processed white salt. You use in the same way but it’s much healthier and tastes amazing! What’s more, our 500g Pink Salt comes in a resealable stand up pouch and needs no additional container storage.

Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt:

It helps maintain electrolyte balance and promotes hydration.

Himalayan Pink Salt can improve circulation and help to lower blood pressure.

Himalayan Pink Salt remains in its natural form and contains more than 80 essential minerals and trace elements the body uses to maintain good health and overall well-being.

It’s great if you’re looking to detoxify, or for other therapeutic and restorative purposes.

Pink Salt is a great alternative when it comes to cooking. It’s much healthier than processed white salt and helps food taste amazing. 

You can use it in exactly the same way you would regular table salt and you don’t need an additional container because it comes in a resealable pouch.