Silk Route Spice Company Peri Peri Sauce Hot 250ml

Silk Route Spice Company Peri Peri Sauce Hot 250ml


Why choose Silk Route’s peri peri range?

  • Silk Routes Peri Peri Hot Sauce Is Full Of Flavour And Enough Heat That Will Get Your Taste Buds Going And Wanting More! It Gives The Perfect Final Touch To Any Dish.

  • We Care About Being Sustainable And Doing What We Can To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint. Our Bottles Are Easy To Use And Are Fully Recyclable.

  • You Can Enjoy This Sauce With Almost Anything - Vegetables, Meat Or Fish, It's Your Choice!

  • Silk Route's Peri Peri Range is Preferred By Chef's Across The Uk As An Easy Way To Add A High Quality Sauce To Any Dish.

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Following the Ancient trade roads through Asia and the Middle East, Silk Route Spice Company import the highest quality spices from across the globe. We have spent time sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world to deliver to your kitchen. If you enjoy your food slightly more on the fiery side, then Silk Route's Hot Peri Peri sauce will do just that to any dish! Use it and enjoy it with almost anything, from vegetables, fish to meat. If you prefer something more on the milder side, explore our Peri Peri range as we offer Lemon and Herb, Garlic and Medium flavours!