Silk Route Spice Company Salt & Pepper Mixed Giant Grinder 310g 2-in-1

Silk Route Spice Company Salt & Pepper Mixed Giant Grinder 310g 2-in-1


Following the Ancient trade roads through Asia and the Middle East, Silk Route Spice Company import the highest quality spices from across the globe. We have spent time sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world to deliver to your kitchen.

Our Salt and Pepper grinder contains the perfect blend of the two. Silk Route have sourced a fantastic grade A rock sea salt from the coast of Namibia, this salt is formed by the cold Atlantic waters being pumped into vast salt pans, allowing it to crystallize under the warm desert sun. It is then harvested and graded, keeping aside the cleanest and chunkiest of crystals.

Each peppercorn in our Black Pepper Grinder has been hand-picked from the uppermost branches of the pepper tree. These high-up, rich and bold black peppercorns are the most developed, sun-ripened and flavoursome berries from the bush. Once picked, they are then dried and graded into sizes before filling our superior Black Pepper Grinders.

Chefs from all around the world regard these as premium quality peppercorns and, once you've tried them, you'll understand why.

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What Makes Us So Special?

  • Silk Route's Salt and Pepper mix Grinder Is The Perfect Blend Of Two Classic Seasonings.

  • High Quality Bold Black Peppercorns Used To Increase Flavour and Aroma.

  • Silk Route's Sea Salt Grinder Is Rich In Natural Minerals Sourced from Atlantic Waters Off the Namibian Coast.

  • Easy To Use Salt and Pepper Grinder Recyclable After Use.

  • Preferred By Chefs Across The UK.

  • We Source Spices From All Over The World Searching And Using The Highest Quality Spice.

  • We Are Passionate About Food And Believe That Spices Are A Core Ingredient To Any Dish So Quality Shouldn’t Be A Compromise.