Spanish Smoked Paprika (Sweet) 75g

Spanish Smoked Paprika (Sweet) 75g


Smoked Spanish Paprika is not unique, in that other varieties of smoked paprika have been used for hundreds of years in kitchens around the five continents of the world. So paprika isn’t just used Spain, but in cuisines all around the globe, from Asia to The Americas. Silk Route's Spanish Smoked Paprika is, however, a unique and versatile product. It is the secret ingredient in various different dishes, it provides flavour, aroma and colour in the kitchen, and it gives the perfect finishing touch to any recipe. For these reasons, Spanish Smoked Paprika is praised by foodies and well-known chefs in international cuisine.

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Silk Route's Spanish Smoked Paprika is regulated by the Protected Designation of Origin Pimentón de La Vera (Extremadura Region in Spain) and is appreciated worldwide for its uniqueness and culinary properties. Its uses are widespread in international cuisine, but Spanish Smoked Paprika is also known as Spain's Red Gold and the ultimate Posh Spice. 

Silk Route’s Spanish Smoked Paprika is sourced from a family business located in Aldeanueva del Camino (Cáceres, north of Extremadura), who for four generations have produced artisan smoked paprika from La Vera. It is made from native peppers grown and harvested locally. These special types of peppers have been harvested in this area of Spain from the late 15th century when they found the ideal microclimate to grow them. The production of our Spanish Smoked Paprika from La Vera was established way back in the 19th century and its artisan process has remained intact ever since then. The quality of our peppers is unbeatable. They are 100% grown in La Vera (Extremadura Region, Spain) and the traditional process preserved for centuries has ensured our Spanish Smoked Paprika is of a unique grade of quality. Each pepper that goes into our Spanish Smoked Paprika is selected by hand. In addition, the artisan process of drying and smoking with oak wood fire makes it absolutely distinct and different from the other paprika or pepper powders produced in other parts of the world.