Silk Route Spice Company White Truffle Oil 250 ml

Silk Route Spice Company White Truffle Oil 250 ml


Following the Ancient trade roads through Asia and the Middle East, Silk Route Spice Company imports the highest quality spices and oils from across the globe. We have spent time sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world to deliver to your kitchen.

Highest Quality White Truffle Oil with strong flavour for use on various dishes. White Truffle is a premium ingredient, and Truffle is traditionally a high-end element of any dish.

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Benefits of Truffle Oil & What Makes Us Special:

  • White Truffle Oil facilitates the addition of the quality truffle flavouring to everyday dishes at home.

  • Truffles are known to be strong antioxidants, and have an antibacterial effect.

  • White Truffles possess a similar flavour to Black Truffles, meaning they may be interchangeable in dishes.

  • Using White Truffle Oil recreates the woodland atmosphere on many food types, from Pasta, Potatoes and Pizza to Beef Carpaccio and Mushrooms.

  • This 250 ml bottle of White Truffle Oil is suitable for chefs and home cooks.

  • We source spices from all over the world searching and using the highest quality spices .

  • We are passionate about food and believe that spices are a core ingredient to any dish so quality shouldn’t be a compromise.