Sweet Smoked Paprika 350g

Sweet Smoked Paprika 350g

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Following the Ancient trade roads through Asia and the Middle East, The Silk Route Spice Company import only the highest quality spices from across the globe. Smoked Spanish Paprika is not unique, in that other varieties of smoked paprika have been used for hundreds of years in kitchens around the five continents of the world. So paprika is not just used in Spain, but in cuisines all around the globe, from Asia to The Americas.

Silk Route's Spanish Smoked Paprika is, however, a unique and versatile product. It is the secret ingredient in various dishes, it provides flavour, aroma, and color in the kitchen, and it gives the perfect finishing touch to any recipe. For these reasons, Spanish Smoked Paprika is praised by foodies and well-known chefs in international cuisine.

Silk Route's Spanish Smoked Paprika is regulated by the Protected Designation of Origin Pimentón de La Vera (Extremadura Region in Spain) and is appreciated worldwide for its uniqueness and culinary properties. Its uses are widespread in international cuisine, but Spanish Smoked Paprika is also known as Spain's Red Gold and the ultimate Posh Spice.

We only use the highest quality whole spices from around the world. Taste our other Shakers, which include a range of flavour from Garlic & Herb to Pizza & Pasta. Also, explore our range of Himalayan Pink Salt Pouches both in coarse and fine, suitable for both cooking and bathing. Alongside our pouches, try cooking with a full range of Spice Grinders from Black Peppercorns to our fiery Chili grinders.

• Silk Route’s Smoked Paprika is imported from Spain, origin Pimentón de La Vera. Its arid temperature and fertile ground makes for the world’s most delicious peppers.
• Our Paprika is smoked over multiple hour-long burning oak fires and delivers a distinct flavour to any dish.
• Its Unique lid composed of both shaker and a lid for spoon openings makes easy to use in different settings.
• Versatile flavours: Smoked paprika is used for chilli con carne, patatas bravas, paella, rice dishes chorizo sausage, pulled pork & curries, as well as fish, barbecued meats & rich sauces or dips. The opportunities are endless!
• Add a teaspoon of our Smokey Sweet Paprika to some olive oil to make a perfect marinade or rub for any dish.